A Free Download! 15 Hand-Drawn Textures


I LOVE using textures when I'm designing something — they can add a beautiful depth and interest to the eye to basically any design, from an Instagram Story to a website layout. I usually create my textures on my iPad Pro (i.e., my best friend and the best thing in the universe probably) with an Apple Pencil. Creating textures this way is way more expedient than the OG way I used to do it, which was drawing old school on a piece of paper, scanning that into my computer, and then tracing the lines in Illustrator or removing the white background in Photoshop. Goddess bless modern technology, amiright.   

For fun (lol, I don't get out much), I've created 15 hand-drawn textures that you are free to use in any of your designs — they are all listed below to download as .png files with transparent backgrounds. Simply drag them into the editing program of your choice (I usually use Photoshop for this) and layer them over anything you like. In Photoshop, use the "color overlay" feature to change the color of the patterns and play with the opacity to create countless design options. Some of my favorite uses for textures are to create interest in a more text-based Instagram post or Instagram Story, to add depth to a section of a website, or to create a fun base for something like a desktop background

I hope you enjoy! x,