An Autumn Wardrobe Wish List

Background image via  Sézane

Background image via Sézane


What is it about one season that seems to inspire longing for another? We're nearing the dog days of summer here in Chicago and I can't get the heady coziness of autumn off my mind. After the 4th of July, summer ebbs sweetly right into September, passing in a blur of sun soaked afternoons. As the days slip by, I'm dreaming of the softest cardigans with sleeves past your fingertips and morning coffee that warms your entire body, heart first — even as I glory in the sand between my toes and the burnished glow-hot touch of sunburned skin. 

So naturally, I did what I always do when something's pressing on my mind. I made a list — a list of everything I'm itching to wear this fall, as a to-buy list and also as capsule inspiration of sorts. I'm always very organized as one season closes and another begins, only to realize halfway through said season that I didn't get it together enough to buy anything or put my non-seasonal clothes in storage or finally figure out that whole dry cleaning situation. But a fresh chance — to fail or succeed — feels good anyway, doesn't it? And since I have this little corner now — for design inspiration and freelance feelings and other ephemera currently living in my brain — I thought I'd pop my list here. What are you buying (or dreaming of owning) this fall? I recommend making a classic, new-school-year list. It's very therapetuic. 



The Leather Jacket


I can think of five events in the last two years where I had the express thought "I wish I had a leather jacket for this." I've put "leather jacket" on every one of my fall lists for yearrrrrrrs but I've never bite the bullet and actually bought one. Quality leather jackets — including faux ones — tend to be pricey and I often can't justify it in the moment. This year, I'm determined to get one — especially since 90% of my outfits are high-waisted jeans and tee. What could be calling for a leather jacket more than that casual uniform?! Don't look to me if you need to be talked out of shopping decisions. 

01 — This one has great reviews for a faux leather —
and so reasonably priced WIN

02 — This one is enviably perfect, but alas, real leather so $$$
03 — Very intrigued by this one in white! Chic chicy chic.



The Jumpsuit


I am obsessed with the versatility of a jumpsuit — and when I saw this one it was instant true love. A v-neck? Sleeves? A slightly cropped leg? The gorgeous tie detail on the back? IT IS LITERAL PERFECTION. 

01 — All my jumpsuit dreams come true, and not a bad price for a one-and-done piece! 
02 — Love the belt detail on this one
03 — The crop silhouette of this one is A+



The Plaid Blazer


Plaid for fall? Groundbreaking. 

But for real, just call me Sally Albright because I'll be wearing this beauty all season long. It reminds me of my dad's "going out" blazer — which I thought was très tragic when I was younger but now would 10/10 borrow any day of the week. I'm also considering plaid pants or even a pleated skirt because why not go full Cher Horowitz while I'm at it? 

01 — This one's a dream
02 — Perfectly old-school and oversized and a seriously great price
03 — If you're looking to go full Cher redux 
Vintage shopping seems apropos for this as well, non? 



The Versatile Skirt


I am in a serious jeans rut and need to expand my lower half options for a little ~variety~. Outside of ponte pants (god's gift), I'm eying a pencil-ish type skirt that will go with everything while also being semi-interesting. I like the asymmetricalness of this one, plus fall is the perfect time for skirts because TIGHTS YO.

01 — Just the right amount of high-waisted 
02 — Love the sweet flutter of this one
03  — I feel like the length of this one could be challenging but also rewarding



The Fisherman Sweater


I ride hard for a good fisherman sweater. I want it super authentic — like slinging lobster off a blustery coast somewhere authentic... if that even is authentic I actually have no idea what I'm talking about but I DIGRESS.  I like the idea of buying this oversized and slouchy, it's all about the comfort. Okay brb, moving to Maine now. 

01 — This is technically a "man's" sweater, but I don't play by the rules and it ensures perfect oversize coziness
02 — A little looser weave and a banging price
03 — Very very in love with this one



The Blouse


A good silk button-down is my forever piece. The dressed up version of jeans and a tee — and just as comfortable. You have to invest in a little dry cleaning but trust. This fall, I want a classic white one that is vibrant and lovely against dark denim and crisp black ponte pants. 

01 — I have this one currently in black and it is SO GOOD BUT PRO TIP: Equipment silk shirts are insanely overpriced if you buy them straight up, so check at Nordstrom Rack stores, which is where I buy all of mine. They are still pretty pricey (around $100 each, instead of $200+), even at the Rack, but they are SO EFFING GOOD. The perfect v-neck fit. 
02 — Oh so classic



The Burgundy of It All


Okay so I know that most of this list is pretty... ahem... neutral. But fall plays host to my favorite colors — burnt coppers and the deepest oxbloods — which I try to sneak in here and there for a little ~flavor~. I'm also desperately trying to be a mule person despite my incorrigibly wide feet. It's a work in progress.

01 — I want to bathe in this color
02 — Into this to wear like this
03 — Also v into these for barre or walking to get donuts



The Investment Bag


I'm distressingly into this hella expensive bag, which is classic me and completely unjustifiable BUT IT'S SO PRETTY. I cannot in good conscience (lol also like where would the money come from) pay full price for this bag but The RealReal exists and tempts me erryday so we shall see.

01 — The OG and $$$$$$$$$
02 — This is also very good for work and fall and priced to move
03 — Also love this vrry much